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TownVille من EASTSHIRE هي نظرة معاصرة للتطور الحديث ، وتجمع بين التصميم الأوروبي الخام ودفء أنماط الحياة المصرية لإملاء تجربة معيشية فريدة من نوعها حيث يكون القليل بالتأكيد أكثر.

disclaimer: 1. Actual areas may vary from the stated area. Drawings are not to scale. 2. The architectural details, dimensions and areas in all drawings are approximate, information based on schematic design information only, and final as-built conditions may vary. 3. All units are sold as core & shell, unfurnished, without furniture, pools, pergolas and finishing, etc. 4. All images used are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent the actual size, features, specifications, fittings, and furnishings 5. Al qamzi developments reserves the right to make revisions/alterations, at its absolute discretion, and without liability. 6. Each garden plot will vary based on the location of the building. 7. Room dimensions will vary according to construction and finishing tolerances 8. All materials, dimensions and drawings are approximate, information subject to change without notice.